Using Builds
Requires Production

Blackfire Builds offer various options to automatically profile your code, and to run assertions against it.

A Build is a collection of profiles, resulting from scenarios which are triggered upon an event.

When complete, Builds have a status (Successful, Failed or Errored).

The Successful and Failed statuses depend on the assertions which you write. If you don't write any assertion, Blackfire may still mark the Build as Failed if a recommendation is detected.

Builds are Errored when your scenarios cannot be completely executed. This may happen either when something is going wrong with your Builds configuration, or when a Blackfire Player expectation fails.

Builds can be triggered with:

In most cases, Builds are run from the Blackfire's servers. As a result, if the profiled application is behind a firewall, you must let the Blackfire servers access the application by allowing the following IP addresses on the web ports (usually 80 and 443):


When a Build is complete, you may receive notifications where and when it matters to you.