Adobe Commerce Cloud

Blackfire has built-in support for Adobe Commerce Cloud projects.

The Blackfire Agent is already installed and enabled by default on all Adobe Commerce Cloud accounts.

To activate the Blackfire Probe on integration branches, add the blackfire PHP extension in your project file:

        - blackfire

The Blackfire Probe can be installed and enabled by developers on any branch in the Starter architecture and only integration branches on Pro architecture.

To install it on dedicated Staging and Production environments on Pro architecture submit a request to Adobe Commerce help center.

Set the Blackfire server credentials as environment variables, for each branch on which you want to configure Blackfire.


Learn more about builds in the dedicated documentation.

Follow these steps to enable Blackfire builds on each of your Adobe Commerce Cloud environments each time a branch is deployed (after a push, merge, or redeploy event):


The command asks several questions. Hit the Enter key to accept the default for all of them. If you get a permission error, ask a project admin to upgrade your account or ask someone who is an admin to run this command.

Now, whenever you push to a Adobe Commerce Cloud environment, Blackfire will automatically trigger a build for this specific environment. Also, Blackfire scenarios will be run for all your pull-requests.

If you are using GitHub, Bitbucket, or Gitlab, and if you have setup the synchronization with Adobe Commerce Cloud, don't forget to configure the corresponding notification channel. That way, Blackfire can update the status of your pull-requests / merge-requests.

For any issue related to Adobe Commerce Cloud, please check our dedicated support documentation.